Clear guidance
in uncertain times
Urus Advisory delivers information and analysis on risks critical to businesses – often in testing situations and across some of the world’s most complicated regions.
Our services

Due Diligence & Background Checks

We gather qualitative, strategic micro information and analysis on businesses and professionals. Whether you are looking to hire a new CEO or invest in a business - or you suspect someone of fraud - we focus on solutions that give you peace of mind before you make that informed decision.

Compliance Risk Issues

Risk and integrity issues are key for businesses and this can heavily affect a corporate relationship. In an ever-changing regulatory and legal environment, local laws are often opaque and difficult to understand. Our advice covers a range of formats, helping clients adhere to worldwide and local requirements and comply with anti-corruption and AML laws.

Litigation & Dispute Issues

Relationships often run into hurdles. It is challenging after a dispute has already started to redress the issues out of court and to protect your business interests. We are experienced in providing forensic analysis during legal disputes and litigation. We have successfully supported our clients in proving allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct for the courts.

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Our experience

We offer clear guidance to help our clients navigate and avoid risks before making a decision and also to make the right decisions during a business relationship. We have brought clarity to our clients with new and current partners, employees and suppliers.

Here are a few samples of our work:

  1. Before a deal
    Large-scale enhanced due diligence work ahead of an energy sector merger, involving over 20 core studies, throughout the course of a year.
  2. Suspected wrongdoing
    Deep-seated forensic research into suspected fraudulent activity at a major oil and gas company in Central Asia over two years.
  3. Dispute
    Strategic work on high-stakes international litigation – interviewing witnesses, analyzing criminal financial schemes, developing court materials.
  4. Recovery
    Successful identification of multi-million dollar assets across Europe and Asia during a western lawsuit on behalf of defrauded bond investors.
Who we are

Urus has a highly experienced team of 20+ in-house professionals able to work to flexible and often tight deadlines. We offer clarity to make those difficult business decisions easier and more objective.

  • Multi-national team across Eurasia, with particular experience in FSU countries.
  • Over 1500 completed assignments gives unrivalled insight into new casework.
  • In-house tools to meet new regulatory needs: click here to read more

Urus Advisory evolves with the digital age. Combining manual techniques with new technology to manage large and sometimes unwieldy resources, we improve the depth of our research.

We have created in-house tools to help navigate many of the complex public datasets available in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

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People & partners

Directors and founders

Urus’ managing directors, Alexander Teddy and Alexei Panin, have collective experience of over 20 years in risk advisory. Founding the company in 2015, they have seen it expand quickly into a dynamic and effective operation.

Alexei Panin, Director

Alexei Panin is a founding partner of Urus Advisory. He comes from a background of political and corporate risk advisory. He has over 10 years’ experience managing end-to-end complex investigations and advisory projects in Russia and across the FSU. Alexei has studied and lectured at leading universities in Russia, the UK and Austria, including the Higher School of Economics and the Financial University under the Russian Government.

Alexander Teddy, Director

Alexander Teddy is a founding partner of Urus Advisory. He has worked for over 10 years in risk consulting, engaged on multi-jurisdictional problem-solving and market-entry risk advisory for many FTSE-100/Fortune-500 clients. Alexander has worked in Russian finance, financial reporting and with business ventures in Europe. He speaks several languages, including fluent Russian and French.

Our team

The Urus team counts in-house specialists with backgrounds ranging from risk advisory, forensics and law to accountancy, economics and investigative journalism. We operate on the ground in all the jurisdictions we cover.

Anton Larin

Senior Associate — compliance and investigations

Anton Larin
Senior Associate — compliance and investigations
Anton is academically trained in compliance and has particular expertise in investigating real estate industry transactions across FSU countries.

Sergey Gribov

Senior Associate — investigations and security

Sergey Gribov
Senior Associate — investigations and security
Sergey is a security and anti-counterfeit specialist, and has worked on multiple investigations involving fraud detection.

Kseniya Shamakina

Senior Associate — investigations

Kseniya Shamakina
Senior Associate — investigations
Kseniya has over 10 years as a business journalist, including covering the pharma sector in detail for a specialist publication.

Evgeniya Kachan

Senior Associate — forensics and investigations

Evgeniya Kachan
Senior Associate — forensics and investigations
Evgeniya is a certified accountant and fraud examiner who has worked in industry and at international anti-corruption and environmental groups.

William Chilcott

Senior Associate — business development

William Chilcott
Senior Associate — business development
William has worked in executive search in Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as for the EBRD, and earlier as an education consultant.

Javier Espadas

Senior Associate — political and business analysis

Javier Espadas
Senior Associate — political and business analysis
Javier is an experienced political and business analyst, having consulted on campaigns in Spain and worked in academia across Eurasia.

Our Advisory Board

Urus is advised by several highly experienced and able professionals, from fields relevant to our day-to-day work – law, finance, regulatory and academia.

Erwin Bauer

Erwin Bauer is an accomplished fund manager based in Germany, with operations in Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and across Europe. He has worked in banking for three decades, across a range of asset classes. He has also initiated several charitable ventures.

Eric Kraus

Eric Kraus has been involved in Russian financial markets almost since their inception. He is a well-known writer and speaker on Russian politics and finance, successfully applying this to the buy-side; he currently manages a 9-figure portfolio for HNW investors.

Robert Ross

Robert E. Ross has served as a senior executive in industry and an advisor in energy, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing across four decades. He has workied in complex jurisdictions in Asia and the Middle East. He was a partner at Deloitte & Touche and a UN Officer.

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is a seasoned private equity and VC investor, a trained Barrister at Law, with much experience in overseas markets - the US, Japan, China and India. He spent over 25 years at Schroders in London and has founded various research outfits.

Strategic partnerships

Urus has developed strategic partnerships, enabling us to provide advisory and services in fields in conjunction with top global experts:

GlobalSource Partners
we contribute to a leading US macro research platform with a global subscriber base.
we work alongside one of the most experienced and capable communications firms in Eurasia.
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